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  • Titan Hose Reel 18″ Powder Coated Full Frame Hose Reel 1/2″ Steel Manifold $298.00

    Titan 3012 18″ full frame powder coated hose reel, 1/2″ steel manifold

    For this reel, two reducing bushings, a street 45, and a two wire jump are required. A 3/8″ female coupler, a 3/8″ female plug, and a 3/8″ male coupler are required to install the jump hose to this reel if your pressure washer has a plug on the outlet.

    We offer our pressure washers a very robust, stackable hose reel called the Titan 3018T. A Titan Products stack kit can be used to stack this reel on top or below another reel of the same width.

    For both high pressure and low pressure jump hose, we can cut a jump hose to your exact length and crimp on the hose ends.

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