Warranty Information –

Pumps are typically warrantied for a period of one to five years.
Note that all warranties apply to defective manufacturer’s workmanship as determined by the applicable manufacturer. Engines are as per manufacturer’s warranty policy in the owner’s operator’s manual, usually warrantied for a period of one to two years against manufacturer’s defects.

There is a 90 day warranty on wearable parts (i.e., unloader valve, high pressure hoses, trigger gun, wand, etc.). Warranties do not apply where customer neglect, abuse, or “normal wear and tear” is involved. Abuse or neglect includes, but is not limited to: freezing, pump starvation, fuel contamination, etc. Any kind of damage caused by operator error is not covered by ANY warranty.

Warranty Claims: Florida Pressure Washing Equipment and Supplies does not warranty any product sold. All warranties are provided by the original manufacturer. Products returned for warranty consideration must be sent to manufacturer for their evaluation and final disposition (please note that you are required to pay any freight charges for shipment of item back to the manufacturer). An authorization number must be obtained before sending in a warranty claim. Waiver: We shall not be responsible for any damage caused by shipping delays, use of products, errors in shipping, or damage to personnel, lost income and damage caused by the installation of said products.

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