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  • X-Jet M505 Twist Adjustable Downstream Soft Wash Nozzle 3-7 GPM Shoots Up To 50 FT $83.99

    The X-JET long range nozzle is now available as the X-JET M5 nozzle, which includes a variable nozzle on the outlet. The M5 is suitable for jobs where the zero degree impact of the original X-JET is not required. It can inject and proportion soaps, chemicals, or other liquids at high pressure without going through your pump, hose, gun or lance. The M5 can project liquids to vertical heights over 40 feet, depending on your pressure washer’s capability. It can be used with almost any pressure washer, hot or cold, for 1000 PSI to 6000 PSI.

    The M5 can be used for washing and removing mold, dirt, and mildew from various structures without using ladders or scaffolding. It is also useful for sterilizing housing areas for agricultural needs, spraying caustic substances that could destroy pumps, dispensing proportion insecticides, and degreasing heavy equipment using high-pressure soap without going through the pump.

  • X-Jet M505 Twist Adjustable Downstream Soft Wash Nozzle 7-12 GPM Shoots Up To 60 FT $83.99

    If you want to apply solutions to a surface using your preferred downstream injector, you can use the DS Twist which allows you to use variable 0 to 60 degree spray patterns. You can also use it to rinse by removing the downstream injector soap hose from your solution. It enables you to wash up to 60ft from the ground and save time by not switching from low reach to high reach downstream nozzles. Additionally, you can pull solutions from your tank at your machine instead of carrying a pail. The M5DS twist is an adjustable downstream soft wash nozzle that you can twist to adjust the spray from 0-60 degrees and use for applying detergent and rinsing up to 4 stories.

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